Alchemy Supplies

Possibles for inclusion


Choking Powder (needs belladonna)


Choking Powder (needs garlic) Tanglefoot bag (needs quicksilver),

Bat Tooth

makes faint Air Essence

Beetle Gland

weak earth essence

Fire Beetle Belly

weak fire essence

Skeleton Ribs

faint earth essence

These should do as basic ingredients for the local area

To make up a complete set of distillables for the 'lower grade' essences we need Imp Stinger, Dire Wolf Tooth, Wyvern Scales and Spider vemon . Perhaps we save these for later and distribute them over the wider area.

We should also consider Quicksiver is used in conjunction with venom Glands to make acid flasks and venom glands which can also used to make venoms. These might be suitable items to have for sale in the Alchemists

Anything else that we should also consider that looks to be fairly low value that can be produced naturally? I would much rather let spawn-kill drop things of value rather than dropping GP or weapons …

Skeleton Knuckles

- they don't have a role in the nwn2 crafting system - but we RE PRODUCING THEM - SO THE SHOULD HAVE SOME ASSIGNED USE …

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