Aldberg Village Description

Aldberg Village

Inside the Village

Grafs’ Keep - acts as a central point for the Graf’s patrols/guards and is home to the Graf. Down stairs is a dungeon that is hardly used now – Upstairs is the Graf’s personal quarters - with a few guards. This would be a good place to set a ‘burglary type quest’

The Jackdaw (Tavern) sells wine, ale and food. Also acts as an impromptu rogues guild. Rogues can sell stolen goods here and buy some tools of the trade. Down stairs there is a brew cellar (where they brew wines and beers) and below that a safe room / practice area for low level thieves. You should be able to find a mercenary rogue or two in the bar. (maybe a thief, a thief/barbarian and a bard)

Hanneton’s Priory (Guild House for the Order of Hanneton) as per the raison d’tre of the Hannetons - this House provides the services that underpin the Fregraf Villages. The building is Trilobate - One lobe holds a set of Shrines to the Gods of the Triumvate. One holds a Blacksmiths crafting table and a blacksmith/weaponsmith shop, selling basic military weapons and tools. Third lobe ???? maybe holds an enchanting table. There is a fee to use this table. One price for most people, a lower price for members of the hannetons. Middling price for Hanneton associates … One or two of the guild officers will be available for Hire. Perhaps a low level Cleric- and a cleric/fighter

Down stairs there is accommodation for the Guilds officers - eventually there might be cheap(ish) storage for members of the Hanneton Order..

Karstairs Club (accommodation and storage for PCs) – a new concept I want to try - rather than each individual having their own hose or room. PCs join the Karstair’s Club and have the right to store luggage there and stay overnight when ever they want to. Ground floor is little more than a reception area, - you can join the club here and get a key which opens ‘the door’. Go through the door into the members’ area. In the members area on Ground and upper floors there are guest rooms. Take your pick, find a room lay down and sleep …etc. In the cellar is the ‘store room’ which contains a single chest that is keyed to the character. Which ever character opens it – it contains their personal belongings and only their personal belongings. Set up the chest so it can only be opened by one person at a time. Eventually a monthly fee for being a member of the club and being able to store gear here.

Alchemists Tower. (very basic Arcane casters Guild) sells magic supplies and minor magical items. Also has an enchanting table with a fee for use. Lower price for members of the ‘Guild’ although I don’t know how to structure that yet. Upper floors are rooms for the alchemist - and would make a good ‘burglary quest’ for thieves and other rogues. Downstairs is the cellars. They haven’t been used for a while and have a ‘Rat problem’ which is good as a starting combat quest for L2 characters.

You may well find a sorcerer or a bard hanging around here who is available for hire

Village Gates – there is a farmer here selling farm produce

Under the Village

Caves - the village is built over the top of some caves that were sealed up long ago. However over time they have opened up again. There are difficult to get to entrances from both the Graf’s Keep and the Alchemist Tower basements - while the Rogues at the inn are aware of the caves and have their own - ‘slip out’ into the caves. Although its hardly used. This would be a good place to have a few minor baddies / monsters as an extension quest to follow on from the Alchemist’s Tower basement.

Outside the village

Farm - a small farm house growing various crops for sale in the village and its surrounds.

Wen Camp – A couple of Wen tents – a small family group of the barbarians ready to trade. They have leather armours and wooden weapons for sale - as well as hebals and skins etc . One of the sons will hire out as a mercenary.

Half Orc Camp – A couple of half Orc from the Khanzada are here to trade. They will buy stolen goods and sell various minerals, mining equipment, pelts and some insect parts.

Caravanserai - The main trade route back to Akanaar - and where you actually travel to Akanaar once we have multiple servers. There are a couple of rough building one of which holds a smelter for turning ore into ingots of metal – the other is the caravanserai office. There are also animal pens and maybe a wagon or two waiting to return with a caravan.

Here you can buy exotic goods from Akanaar that are hard to find in the Orgasrath. They also sell more exotic weapons, different military weapons, tools, all sorts. They will buy anything that hasn’t been stolen.

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