Wild Food and other Organic Resources


based on the standard small mushroom patch - produces crops 50% of times it is opened. Script rolls a D4 - 1 or2 = no crop - 3= 1 mushroom portion, 4=2 mushroom portions. Won't crop again for at leats 60 seconds. {completed}

Edible mushrooms are found along the edge of Evergreen woodlands - often in association with the sour apple.

Cave mushrroms are tall skinny mushrooms that grow on underground moss beds.

Cave Mushrooms

based on the standard small mushroom patch expands to 4,4,4 - same crop rules as ordinary mushrooms {completed}


Completed - using a standard medium sized bush as the placeable. same crop rules as mushroom {completed}

Sour Apples

Sour Apple trees grow along the edges of woodland or in hedgerows, the fruit is very sour but can be eaten in moderation. In Aldberg they are primarily used for making Highland Wine. {completed}

{Designer Note: Use sour apples along the edge of an evergreen woodland}

Mountain Haw

Mountain Haw trees grow in scattered clumps across the grasslands sightly away from the edge of the woodlands. They bear small, fairly tasteless, fruits that are both edible and nourishing. {completed}

{Designer Note: small clumps of Mountain Haw mixed with Spider Trees (from the fall section)}

Rock Grouse

The bloody bird model - seems to fly along the ground and looks pants!!! These are scrapped/on hold until i have time to play with getting the damned things flying. Temporarily replaced with Wild rabbits. {On Hold}

Wild Rabbits

Replaces Rock Grouse - small mammals that live on the plains/ edge of the tree line. produces one portion of meat. {completed}

Wild Deer

medium sized mammal that live on the plains/ edge of the tree line. produces four portions of meat and a leather hide suitable for crafting.

Vini Berries

Viniberries grow on small hardy bushes that seem to thrive in the thin gr higher in the mountains.. They start to ferment as they rot - and are used to make Highland Wine or Mountain Ale. Should be worth a reasonable price at the inn. {completed}
{Note for designers - use these bushes sparsly, always higher up and close to bare rock.}

Cave Moss

A special type of moss that grows in caves/mines and caverns. It can be torn out by the handful and sold. The priest uses it for healing and the inn keeper uses it to brew Mountain Ale. {completed}


grows in damp partially shaded areas - such as under trees by lakes.


grows in hedgerows - so perhaps ont eh bprders of the woodlands.

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