Fregraf Law

Altmark law is very basic – and in some ways is almost as barbarous as those of the Wen and The Humanoid Tribes.

Theft - If you are caught stealing from, or attacking someone, they are entitled to fight back. There is a fixed penalty of 50gp payable to the Guard Patrol – or you are subject to outlaw status for 7 game days (or until server reset?).

Killing - If you kill a citizen and you started the fight - you become outlaw until you agree a blood money price with the dead man or his family (Remember that Raise Dead works just as well on NPCs as it does on PCS). Don’t be surprised if an NPC you killed remembers you and increases the price when they sell you goods.

Outlaw means that if you are caught by a Guard Patrol in the whole of the exterior area where the village is - you either pay fine or blood price or defend yourself. Death DOES NOT get rid of your outlaw status - you have a day to get back out of town and then you are marked as outlaw again. We can try setting the blood price at 200gp per level initially and see how that fits.

Patrols - The Graf’s men patrol the village itself, while the Knights of Hanneton patrol the surrounding countryside.

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