Death in Lyrae results in a mini-adventure to regain life. When you die you need to run the gauntlet of doomed souls - who are all trying to steal some of yourlife force (xp) and then pay a fee to respwan. All in all you loose gold and XP the same as anywhere else.

Currently we are discussing the exact death scanario on the forum and we can bring it all here later.

Paths of the Dead - Orgasrath

Rez prices

If you have ‘pre-paid’ at the temple of Hades – 100gp per level, which doubles every time you come back per server reset eg 100gp/L, 200gp/L, 400gp/L

If you have not pre-paid at the temple of Hades – then you pay a premium - the tariff starts at 150gp/L and goes up to 300gp/L, then 600gp/L etc. PCs will be able to sell items to the Temple priest to raise money for their own resurrection - BUT they had better have the money on them …

RELATES TO ALTMARK LEGAL SYSTEM - Blood price - if you kill someone else you must pay the rez price and a small penalty fine, so the blood price for NPCs is set at 200gp/L. If you fail to pay the blood price you are branded outlaw, and cannot enter into the village you were outlawed from.

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