Gaya's Dreams

Gaya's Dreams

Baran’s Dreams

It was Baran who was the first hunter, it was before Sharika had his dream about the squirrel and the people still travelled the land looking for their food. It was before Arrak’s dream of the spider, so the people hadn’t even learned how to make snares yet.

Indeed, the people travelled the land, eating the fruits of the trees and the eggs of the birds and occasionally digging up a handful of grubs if the times were really hard. It was on one of those long hot summer days when all you ever want to do is lie down in the shade and snooze that Baran had his dream.

In his dream he saw himself running with the wolf pack, chasing down one of the huge forest birds and bringing it down – teeth rending the life from the prey and then the whole pack gorging on the flesh.

When he awoke, he couldn’t get the idea our of his brain – the wolves running as a pack - like the family they were, and bringing finding food that would satisfy them all … But how, he didn’t have the teeth to fetch the birds down … He was sure it was a dream from Gaya but he didn’t know how to make it work.

He puzzled over the matter all day - but still nothing came to him - so the last thing he did before he went to bed was to ask the gods for help. He was too embarrassed to ask Gaya, after all she had sent him a dream and he didn’t understand it, maybe he wasn’t worthy to ask her …

Lune was the god of lovers and of the night and it didn’t feel like hunting was a nighttime activity, so he asked Sol. And Sol heard.

That night Baran dreamed again, he saw the pack hunting and then the scene switched - this time he saw the devil-bird, the Axe-beak, hunting. Rather than the sharp teeth of the Wolf ripping the flesh from the prey, the heavy beak came down and clubbed the prey to death.
{need to think about this - maybe replace the axe beak with something else}

Next day Baran spent ages finding a special shaped piece of rock and working out how to tie it securely to a branch. And before long he had the first axe and went out hunting for the very first time …

Arrak’s Dream

Ever since he could remember Arrak and his family had been collecting fruit, nuts eggs and grubs like the first dream had shown them - but his family was large and it was hard to collect enough food so the children were skinny and weak. In his desperation Arrak prayed to Gaya for her guidance and this was his dream.

As he slept a giant spider came to him and lifted Arrak up onto his back and carried him off. Arrack was frightened but all he could do was hold on for dear life, as the spider sped away across the treetops. The it stopped and called and a hole host of little spiders appeared, and Arrak realised that the spider had problems feeding his young too … and that this must be a dream from Gaya.

The spider marshalled his young and set them to building a web, a huge web bigger than anything the spider could build alone - and then they waited - and waited …

Eventually a huge moth was caught in the web, and struggled to its death - and its body made a feast for the spider family. At that point in his dream Arrak awoke, the memories still fresh and a prayer to Gaya on his lips. The very next day he made a net, which he used to catch birds, and so Gaya and the Spider taught us how to trap for our food.

Sharika’s dream

Many years ago the people were like the birds that come to visit us every year, they travelled the land looking for food, and only stopped somewhere long enough to hunt and eat. One winter hard winter when the fruit was scarce and the people wandered the land looking for food. Many froze, as they could not start the fire that Sol had given the people as his gift - for the wood was cold frozen and wet. Many animals died, and the people found hunting hard – and many people died. The old people and the babies were first - but many of the stronger, younger people died too, the winter was that hard.

Then Sharika the leader of one of the groups had a dream that must have come from Gaya. He saw the squirrel building his drey (nest) in spring so that he had somewhere to live and mate through the summer. Then in his dream he saw the squirrel and his mate collect nuts and seeds and bury them in the ground, and he saw how the squirrel came in the winter to eat the buried nuts and seeds, and that the squirrel and his family survived even the worst snows.

Being a wise leader, Sharika learned from his dream. As soon as the weather started to clear, he found a good place for his family to settle down and he started to build a home for them to live in all year around. The other families laughed at them - and then laughed even harder as they started to collect food and preserve it for the winter. But it was Sharika’s family who had the last laugh, they were comfortable and warm through the winter, living in their earth huts, eating dried fruit, smoked meat and the nuts they had collected. Everyone else shivered and went hungry …

Soon every one had learned from Sharika and the dream he was given by Gaya

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