1000-900 Years ago

Wenini civilisation destroyed by Hubris. The people of the Wen become semi-nomadic barbarians. (Details)

500-300 Years ago

Khagan establishes control over the humanoid tribes of the Orgasrath. (Details)

300-201Years ago

House Hanneman start developing the Grafate settlements on the outskirts of the Orgasrath. Trade between Grafate and Wen established (Details)

200 Years ago

Bad juju in Akanaar …..

199-190 Years ago

House Hanneman destroyed. Grafate becomes independent and known as Altmark. (Details)
The Hanneton established as an independent military order.
Khagan starts to breed and establish the Khanzada.

185-0 Years ago

Trade between Altmark and Orkharnate established. (Details)

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