195. years ago
House Hanneman looses its power and is broken

190 years ago
Both The Graffen and the Order of the Hanneton declares themselves independent.

When the main line of the Hanneman family died out, there was a scramble for power. Various minor relatives, who had no claim to the Akanaar titles, suddenly appeared and all laid claim to the title of Altgraf of the Orgasrath, and claimed dominion over the lands. However, the Burgrafs didn't take kindly to that.

Eventually the decision was taken for them. Both The Burgrafs, and The Hanneton declared themselves independent. The squabbling lordlings were told what would happen. First, no one would be considered for any position unless they were already a Graf in their own right, which disqualified some immediately. Then the Burgraf chose an leader from the remaining contenders. Those Graf who could trace their heritage back to The Hanneman family took the title of Fregraf to signify their 'better' hertitage.

The first Conclaves

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