The Hubris of the Wenini

1000 years ago
Canna Shan discovered the ‘Thinking Rock’ on a small island on a mountain lake. It is actually a Stone Guardian - the spirit of an ancient god, and it gave him powers, he almost becomes its avatar.

990 years ago
King Canna Shan took the throne of the Kingdom of ?Wenino?, and with it the title Yarma. The nation is pleasantly rural, slow sleepy nation sprawled across the foot hills of the Orgasrath mountains. Under his rule the kingdom turns into a prescriptive, warlike nation.

970 years ago
The free peoples of Lyrae march on Canna Shan and destroy his kingdom. His nation is destroyed and his people scattered . Canna Shan is punished by the gods.

950 years ago
The scattered remains of the nation start to re-emerge as a nation. Canna Shan’s name is forgotten - his legend lives on, assigned to Yarma.

940 years ago
The Orc tribes discover the Wen. So starts a history of raid and counter raid between two cultures - however a balance between the two is reached fairly quickly - the Orcs retain the mountains – the Wen become semi-nomadic, living in small family based groups that travel the foothills.

900 years ago
By this time, the Wen hierarchy of smaller family groups, binding as part of larger ‘Clan’ grouping has been established. And the Wen become pretty much as we know them today.

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