Lune's Gifts

Lune’s Gifts

In Fyan’s dream, Lune gives the secret of cooking. Fyan is a young girl who see’s he family tearing at the raw meat caught by the hunters, sees the ancients and children not getting their share - and her heart weeps for them. Lune sees her distress and shows her how heating the meat over the open fire softens it and makes it more palatable … From that developed the art of cooking.

In The Lovers’ Dream – Lune introduces Booze and music in one go! Two youngsters - Brenna and Galtin - love each other from afar - he sees they are too shy to talk to each other, and that both will spend their lives in misery - so he resolves to help them. First he teaches Brenna how to make Vinibuze, by taking the berries of the Vini bush just as they are starting to rot, and cooking them gently with whatever other fruit she could find and some honey. - After leaving it for a few weeks she had produced a (simple wine/mead/metheglyn) weak alcoholic beverage. At the same time, he teaches Galtin about Rhythm - he learns of simple drums and scrapers to make rhythms and music. Eventually the two come together around the village fire one evening and the first party/celebration is created … needless to say Galtin and Brenna manage to meet and express their feelings for each other. - in the end they both live happily ever after.

{need to design and build a Vini bush}

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