Paths Of The Dead

This page details the paths of the dead as they appear from Orgasrath

The Paths of the Dead are underground

Hades realm was always seen as underground in Greek Mythology and it fits with the 'Gaia' incarnation of the Death/Earth goddess quite nicely. On top of that underground areas take up a lot less server resource than outdoor areas.

The River

The river is bounded by sheer rock faces that make it impossible to climb into the river. That was a mainly practical decision, because the only way I know to create a river underground is have raised banks and put 'raised' water inside them. It also has the advantage of making a barrier that stops PCs wading across. It doesn't look too pretty but it works.

The Ferryman

There is a jetty with a row boat, a skeletal ferry man - and Sharon. Across the river you can see the entrance to Hades Realm. The only way a PC can cross the river is if they pay Sharon a coin, then the Ferryman will take them. This trip WILL lead to death - it is the way that a character can choose to die permanently - and RP the 'cultural' part of the death. It isn't implemented yet - but will have safe guards to stop accidental perma-death.

Sharon, the gatekeeper and money taker, is a female demon (she is based on the Elite vampire model). I originally wanted a traditions Charon/Death - Skeletal, Big Hooded Robes, Scythe etc - but I couldn't make the model work. After a lot of messing around I decided the Elite Vampire was the most interesting figure, so I colour changed it, added a scythe etc. It doesn't look too bad.

Doomed Souls

I have a 'Doomed Soul' based on the wraith model - it chases characters around and steals XP from them. It also tries to pick pockets.

Need to add better pick pocket skills to the 'Doomed Souls' and make them run for the Ferry Man if ever they steal any money.

Temple/Altar Projections

I have a set of six way points that I select between at random. The temple projection will appear at one of them. I intend to use the area's ON_ENTER script to control this. First check if there is a Projection already in existence. If there is do nothing. If not roll d6 and choose one of the six sites. Spawn in a projection. I intend to use a Sigil for the gare itself - a glowing magical incription on the ground.

There are a number of options for how to deal with the Projection after that.
1) Just leave it in the same place until server reset (easiest)
2) Re-locate the projection when ever it is used by a PC to return to life. (This is fairly easy to implement, just despawn it and run the spawn script again immediately - I quite like the idea that every time a soul passes through the gate there is enough energy to destabilise the gate and change its link to the paths of the dead)
3) Only change its location when the Paths of the Dead are empty. (Easy to implement - when the gate is used - check the area for PCs. If there are PCs on the 'paths' do nothing. If we are empty - just despawn the gate. Another one will be spawned next time someone enters).

The sigil itself is set to useable and has an inventory. Put a 'Life Stone' in and you are dragged through into the Planes of Life (Respawned). If you don't have a Life Stone - load the sigil up with items as an offering to Hades. Once you have put enough in there you can respawn. (use the On-Open script for the chest to make sure there is an 'instruction Booklet' in the sigil as it opens - just to make sure that PCs understand what is asked of them. Use the On_Close script to check the value of the contents of the chest. If the contents are worth an appropriate value - Respawn the character - and destroy the contents of the chest)

Alternate system - have the offering conversation driven Option1 allows the character to sacrifice one level to achieve a respawn. - Option 2 goes into the sacrifice of items routine as described earlier.


I will encapulate ALL the elements of this system in a .ERF file so that they can be easily transferred between servers. There is no reason why the ground maps etc can't be changed, so that each server has a different configuration - but there is no reason why they MUST be changed.

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