Wen Death Beliefs


The Wen believe that when a person dies his body and his spirit become one with mother earth. However, just like life, there are trials and tribulations for the soul to overcome before it is absorbed into the earth Mother.

First the soul must fight off the doomed spirits that did not make it into mother earth’s bosom and then at the end of that exhausting journey they must cross the river of fate that is the final border between life and mother earths bosom. It is possible to swim across the river, but the current is strong and if you are swept away by the river of fate, your spirit is lost and you are doomed to eternal nothingness. However, there is an angel who will carry you across the river, so long as you reward him with gold.

If you don’t cross the river, you wander on the paths of the dead until you slowly wither away.


On death the corpse is laid out and taken to the Sacred Place (I need a name for this). Then each of the friends and relatives leaves a small parting gift with the body. There will always be a weapon (even if its only a club) and there will always be a small amount of gold (often now a gold coin). Otherwise the presents are small and in consequential - it might be a few berries from the Vini plant, a fir cone or a little spilled water. Really small inconsequential things, often gathered on the way to the sacred place – but a parting gift non the less.

Once a year the Wen have a ceremony where they remember their ancestors with singing and dancing - If you take the time to honour and remember your dead properly, they will remember you, then when you die, one of them will come and guide you past all the troubled souls, directly to the river of fate.

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