To Do List


Corn - use ploughed field model – create Corn as food {completed}
Beans – use a vine – create bean as food {on hold - no suitable model}
Root vegetable – find a small plant top - create ?carrot? As food {on hold - no suitable model}

Wild Food
Mushrooms {completed}
Cave Mushrooms {completed}
Birtleberries {completed}
Sour Apples {completed}
Mountain Haws {completed}

Wild Other
Vini Berries – {completed}
Cave Moss – {completed}
Garlic, Use NWN item - make plants to drop it {on hold - no suitable model}
Belladonna, Use NWN item - make plants to drop it {on hold - no suitable model}


Wild Rabbits - run away when spawned but drop one unit of game meat when killed. 1 encounter templatge = 1-4 rabbits {completed}
Wild Deer – find the model - make it drop game meat and a craftable skin

Chickens - use model and make move around locally {completed } - after a fashion. They are there but they aren't very mobile yet.

Beetle family - drop Fire bettle belly and beetle gland. Worker, Warrior and Queen Bragen's made. need to make the drop stuff - and need to play around with the xp values.

Bat Family - inc one to drop bat Tooth

Sketelon - Warrior that drop Skeleton Knuckles & Greater Skeleton that drops Skeleton Ribs. Three different encounter temples. 1= skeletons - 2= Skeltons and warriors - 3=Skeltons and warriors+Greater {completed} {check the XP values, Challenge ratings and toughness}

These all exist - But make Mineral deposits to drop them

Bloodstones (rare)
Obsidian (rare)

Food items Need no 'source'

Eggs. – make an egg food item {completed}
Honey – make a food item {completed}
Corn Cakes – make a food item {completed}
Game Stew – make a food item {on hold - Should it be more than one food unit?}
Meat Pasty – make a food item {completed}
Fruit Pasty – make a food item {completed}
Dried Meat – make a food item {completed}
Dried Fruit – make a food item {completed}
Highland Wine – make the drink item {completed}
Vinibuze Wine – make the drink item {completed}
Mountain Ale – make the drink item {completed}

These are items for sale in the area - for external sources and only need checking

(from deeper into the orgasrath)
Imp Stinger,
Dire Wolf Tooth,
Wyvern Scales and
Spider venom glands

(shipped from Akanaar)

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