Wen Nature Gods

Myth’s of the Wen


In the beginning there was Gaya, (the earth), Lune (the Moon) and Sol (the sun). All three were close and spent much time together. As they grew, Gaya started to feel the needs of a woman, and Sol and Lune started to feel the needs of men. Secretly Sol lay with Gaya and Lune did not know. Then Lune lay with Gaya and Sol didn’t know. But eventually it was seen that Gaya was with child, and Sol proclaimed the child his … Then Lune declared the child his - and that is how Lune and Sol discovered that they had both lain with Gaya.

Lune and Sol, both demand that they were the father of the child – but Gaya insisted that she was the mother and that she would care for the child … After an argument Sol and Lune grudgingly agreed to this, and both went off in a huff, and have not really spoken civilly to each other since.

Gaya was so upset by this that she cried all the way through the rest of her pregnancy and thus the seas were made. But eventually, she gave birth to the first humans, …..

Hunting and Gathering

Then she gave then the animals as their companions and helpers and then made the wolf to teach the men how to hunt, the spider to teach them trapping, and the squirrel to teach them how to store food. … The hairs on her head and body became the plants that grow from the ground, and she showed the people how to take the fruits from the trees and eat them …

Fire and Responsibility

Sol, deciding that they must be his children after all and that he would be a father from afar, so he gave them a gift too - he gave the children the gift of fire from his own body, and taught them how to make fire to keep themselves warm and to cook there food. He stayed and watched the children while they lived and played and went away while they slept. Sometimes they angered him, and he would send the searing heat to punish then - or he would be saddened and he would come less (Winter) - but all in all he watched over the children.

Sneaky Lovers

Lune saw this, and decided not to anger Sol anymore, however he still wasn’t sure if the children were his. So rather than give a gift he decided to watch over the children from afar. When Sol is away, Lune will peek down at the children and watch over them and give them ‘toys’ to play with. Some even say that that he is Gaya’s lover, but he only visits with Gaya while Sol is away and can’t see.

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